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What They Say About Dog Training by Therese at Dogs Unlimited


Gae and Allie


“In November of 2016, I rescued Allie, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever from the Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida. Allie was an overweight (98 pounds) grumpy girl, with no manners whatsoever who jumped into cars (uninvited) and onto people (uninvited).  She had been repeatedly returned to shelters because she was so big, untrained, and rambunctious that in her exuberance, she knocked down people and furniture.  She was also “leash reactive” lunging and barking furiously at any dog she saw.

Therese came to us within 48 hours of Allie’s arrival and the transformation began. Allie wasn’t ready for “school” with other dogs so Therese came to our home and neighborhood to conduct the initial training sessions. Therese even brought her own dogs to help Allie overcome her crazy reactions to other dogs. With Therese’s amazing insight into dog behavior, along with her kind but firm touch, Allie’s behavior began to improve immediately and she made amazing progress over just a few short weeks. She continued to work with Therese and earned her AKC Good Citizen Award within four months of beginning her training – you CAN teach old dogs new tricks and good behavior!

 Allie is now a slim (72-pound), happy, loving, and well-behaved member of our family and neighborhood – thanks to Therese!”


Shellie Campbell, DVM

“I am a small animal veterinarian in the Central Florida area and I have been recommending Therese for more than 10 years. She gives personal attention to all of her clients and offers a wide range of training services.
I recommend my clients with new puppies for her group classes.

Therese focuses on positive reinforcement of behaviors and works with not only the puppy but with their owners to ensure successful training.

For clients with rescue dogs, I often recommend private training with Therese, and I have seen great success after these sessions. She also trains dogs for therapy work and agility. I have many clients that have found great enjoyment and fulfillment from these activities.Therese is a wonderful dog trainer not only because of her incredible understanding of dog behavior but because she truly cares about her clients and their dogs.”


Valerie and Maggie

“For anyone who has ever had what they thought was a “problem or untrainable” dog, Dogs Unlimited is for you and your dog.

My Maggie was “bull-headed” and refused training until we met Therese. She trained Maggie to the point of receiving her Good Citizen award, but most of all, she taught me how to train Maggie.

Now Maggie is well behaved and welcomed anywhere we go. But most of all we have taken her training to the point that she is now a therapy dog. She and I work as a team at an Alzheimer’s facility, physical therapy office for children, and she does Reading Paws to help children who have problems reading.

We still go to an advanced training class every week because Maggie loves Therese so much and it never hurts to practice your skills.

Dogs Unlimited and Therese are the BEST!”


Kristen and Bentley

“My daughter Kristen and I have had our Golden Retriever for barely 4 months but after only 3 lessons he is already responding to basic commands. In addition, we have no reservations taking him places as he has learned to behave appropriately in public situations. (Last week he attended a High School Lacrosse game.)

The beauty is, not only does Therese train your dog, she shows YOU how to train your dog so you can work with him at home and teach him correctly. Kristen will continue to take him to Therese as it is a joy for us to watch him learn more each and every week.”

Clay Pepper


Patricia and Bentley

“Therese has trained four of our standard poodles and I would never go anywhere else!”


Evelyn and Phoenix

“Best trainers for dog you will ever find. From puppies to older dogs…. obedience, Rally, CGC training and testing and MORE. Great folks to work with. They have your dog’s best interest at heart. LOVE to work with them.”


Lauren and Scarlet

“As the owner of one of America’s most misunderstood breeds of dog, Therese has given me the tools and guidance to raise happy, obedient, socialized pit bulls. I have taken both of my pit bulls to her sessions since they were 15 weeks old and each week with each passing class I see my dogs thrive. They enjoy class just as much as I do and the training lessons Therese teaches are easy to understand and execute. She is personable with both pet and owner, and makes sure to listen to your concerns and/or requests with what you want to get out of training. I highly recommend taking a training class with Therese, you won’t be disappointed!”